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Reinsurance Broking Services

We believe that there is always a way to manage and transfer risk. In the true sense of Mukoma, we are your dependable reinsurance intermediary who is always responsive to your business needs.

The reinsurance sector is evolving and thus requires new solutions including but not limited to; solvency and capital management, management of operational risk through technical audits and training as well as the provision of sound reinsurance advice. We assist our clients to manage their insurance risk by understanding their exposure and risk appetite.

We have access to international, regional and domestic reinsurance markets. The evolving insurance regulations around the world demands that insurers pay serious attention to the quality of the reinsurance securities. We match local regulatory requirements with the most effective panel of securities.

We provide relevant local and practical solutions that assist our partners to grow their businesses in the long-term. The retrocession market is primarily driven by reciprocity among reinsurers from various countries and regions. Mukoma Financial Services believes in reciprocity. We promote both intra-continental and inter-continental exchange of business by our mutual partners.

We provide back-end to front-end solutions for both insurers and reinsurers. Our range of services and products are designed to ensure that we facilitate efficient and effective planning, purchase and management of reinsurance and retrocession covers.

We are a treaty and facultative reinsurance broker.

Skills Expertise And Experience

Our Management Team has the compelling skill in reinsurance with a combined experience spanning over two decades as well as established relationships across the continent. We place risks across boarders through a network of brokers, insurers and reinsurers in Africa. Insurers with an African strategy have a lot to share with us.

The team is highly qualified with specialists in Insurance and Risk Management Honours degrees and as well as MBA qualifications.